3.0 X-bow Deck is OP
Ash posted 7 months ago

Today we have Alperen on the channel, who at the time of this recording was #1 in the world, sharing the newest version of the x-bow cycle deck that has been tweaked to help counter the royal giant meta. X-bow decks are incredibly strong on defence and Alperen will often use the deck defensively until he sees the opponent make a mistake or and over commitment and then he'll go ahead and punish him. This is a fairly fast deck, at only 3.0 elixir and can often out cycle heavy tanks like golem, giant etc. When you're trying to get a tower lock protect your x-bow with your cycle units to maximise the damage you get. The knight is a good mini tank that can be used to protect your units inside this deck or tank hits from a sparky, mega knight, pekka etc.

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X-bow is your main win condition and also your main defensive unit inside this deck. Be patient when using this card, use it to defend against Royal giant, bridge spam etc and use it to play defence through offence against those heavier beat down style decks. Check out the video to see where today's pro will place this card depending on the match up.


As you can see from today's replays prediction fireballs can be worthwhile but you need to be confident on what deck the opponent is playing. You might rely on this card to spell cycle towards the end of the match but I would only do this if the towers are around 800 HP. The knock back ability or this card can be useful against balloon and royal hogs.

Ice Spirit

Ice spirit should not just be used as a cycle card inside this deck, it's stun mechanic can be great at helping you defend against charging units and can also be used to tank down bats, skeletons, heal spirit or spear goblins. It can also be a strong support card for the offensive x-bow.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passive as learn what deck your opponent is playing. For starting plays you can place the archers in the back or cycle the ice spirit or skeletons. If your opponent over commits then use the x-bow on offence, however I recommend focusing on making positive elixir trades and surviving until double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try setting up a defensive x-bow which can then be used to support an offensive x-bow. Place your Tesla's higher on defence and then you will get more value from them on your offensive pushes. Good luck with this deck everyone, it's one of the strongest siege decks in the game right now, in my opinion!

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