EVERY Pro is Using this Deck! (ft Surgical Goblin)
Ash posted 1 month ago

Today we have the legendary Surgical Goblin on the channel sharing this deck that nearly all the pros are playing right now! This is a new version of the royal giant cycle deck, you have a lot of support cards for the royal giant inside this deck. The heal spirit is not only a cycle card but it can also be used to support your hunter, e-wiz or royal giant because it can partially heal your units which can help you get extra tower damage or help you win the battle of the bridge. On defence you will mainly rely on the hunter and fisherman sombo, you can also use the e-wiz for those bigger pushes while using your cycle cards to help out and make positive elixir trades. The Royal Giant also works well against x-bow especially when paired with the barb barrel. If you're against graveyard use the hunter for their tank and the barb barrel, skeletons or e-wiz for defence. Remember against Graveyard try to pressure opposite lane. If you're up against bait you will need to save the barb barrel for the goblin barrel or skeleton barrel. The e-wiz and hunter also work well against bait units which will also give you a counter push opportunity.

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Hunter is your main defensive unit, he can be used against balloon, hog rider, ram rider, giant, golem, hound etc. Use him mainly against heavy tanks, he also has great synergy with the fisherman who can be used to pull units close to the hunter which increases his DPS. Use your skeletons to tank hits from a pekka, sparky or prince to help keep this guy alive as long as possible.

Royal Giant

Royal Giant is your main win condition and should mainly be played at the bridge to apply pressure after a successful defensive sequence. Try to use your units to support this guy whenever possible, he can also be used to apply opposite lane pressure if your opponent has just played a golem or hound.

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard has a unique mechanic which makes his strong on defence, his enter the arena ability means he can be played on top of units like skeleton barrel or goblin barrel to perfectly counter them, if you time it perfectly. He is also strong against sparky, inferno dragon, battle ram or ram rider. If your opponent plays an inferno tower close to the river you can use this guy to support the RG on offence. Just like the hunter you should protect this guy with your cycle cards and keep him alive as long as possible.

Early Stage Gameplan

Barb barrel of skeletons are both great starting plays, take your time to learn what deck the opponent is playing and how you will break through their defence. Try to use the fisherman to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity, this works well against hog rider, giant, golem and ram rider.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir one of my favourite moves is trying to cycle back to a second royal giant once I know my opponent has used their main defensive units. This deck often has matchup advantage if both players have taken a tower so don't be afraid to tower trade.

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