Ash posted 3 weeks ago

Today I'm sharing this hog deck that works very well in Grand Challenges and also on ladder. The mega knight is one of the strongest cards and in the game and this deck also has the hunter and fisherman is is potentially the strongest combo since e-barbs rage. Hog is your main win condition and should be used to pressure the opponent on a counter push or if you need to apply opposite lane pressure to force them to split their elixir. The two spells in this deck can both be used to help support the hog rider on offence, mainly in double elixir. Only se poison if you know you can get good spell value. You will also rely on the poison for helping out against a graveyard deck. The air defence is very strong inside this deck, the hunter and e-wiz can shut down almost any push and you can also use the balloon to knock back units like inferno dragon, balloon, lava pups etc. Both the mega knight and e-wiz have enter the arena abilities, try to use these to your advantage on defence and then counter push with these cards. The mega knight can be used more aggressively against air decks or if you recognise you don't need him for defence.

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Fisherman is strong card due to his unique ability that allows you to activate your king tower against certain units or pull any ground unit in the game away from your princess towers. This is super effective against golem, giant, pekka, hog rider, ram rider etc. You can pair this card with hunter to deal more damage to high HP units, use the skeletons to tank hits from troops like pekka or prince.

Electro Wizard

Electro Wizard is a strong support card because it's stun mechanic allows you to slow down their units which buys your towers more time to shut down their push. He's a good counter to graveyard, balloon, bridge spam units and obviously sparky or inferno dragon. Use him to help support the mega knight and then use these units to counter push.


For only one elixir these can can offer a lot of value as well as allowing you to cycle through this deck nice and quick. They can be used to surround units or tank a hits from a sparky, pekka prince etc. You can also use them to distract a mortar and prevent 2-3 hits from connecting to your tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a hog rider if you have him in cycle, if you don't try cycling skeletons or snowball. This is the perfect deck to punish your opponent if they over commit or make a mistake, you can pressure with the hog or mega knight. Try to focus on making positive elixir trades on defence and then cashing in on your elixir advantage on the counter push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should ramp up the offensive pressure and begin to use your spells to help support your pushes. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see Shadow using this deck live inside a Grand Challenge as a level 8!

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