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Today we have Parker on the channel sharing a classic deck that has stood the test of time in Clash Royale and has been viable in almost every meta since lava hound was first released. If you can master this deck you're going to be in a strong position every season for reaching a NEW PERSONAL BEST if you have the patience to learn this deck. The biggest mistake people make when using a lava hound deck is over defending, you need to learn when to defend and when to go on offence. This takes practise but you can also watch pro players, like parker, to break down their decision making throughout a match. Against golem matchups wait till double elixir before going offence and pressure opposite lane if the opponent has a night witch variation of beat down. This deck only has two ground cards, try to keep one of these in cycle at all time throughout the match, especially against a prince deck or pekka decks.

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Lava Hound

Hound is your main tank and is also technically a win condition. A lot of pro's will play a high placement hound in double elixir and even play her at the bridge in triple elixir to prevent the opponent been able to build up a push opposite lane and be able to defend your push at the same time. In single elixir however starting her in the back can be a safer play to make depending on the match-up. Use this card to help tank damage or your other units, the lava pups can also deal a ton of damage. Try to avoid playing the hound if you know the opponent has an air unit like e-wiz or musketeer in cyclem, you can bait these cards out or wait until the opponent uses them against your other units.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon is your main tank killer, it works great against giant, golem, pekka etc and can also be a zap bait card which can be an opening for you to play balloon, guards etc. It can also be used to defend against a hog rider (only allowing one hit) if you get the correct timing like Parker does in the third match of the video. If you don't require this card for defence you can use it more offensively to apply that pressure and force an air defence response from your opponent.


Guards are one of two ground inside this deck and they're a great counter to pekka, prince, miner, goblin barrel and can be used to surround splash units like sparky, wizard and even the executioner.

Early Stage Gameplan

Don't be afraid to wait for the opponent to make the first play, it's better to wait until double elixir where it's harder for the opponent to punish you playing your lava hound. Your main aim of single elixir is to defend as efficiently as possible while as little tower damage as possible, use your units to counter push and you can even play a hound in front of your other units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is when this deck is at it's strongest, defending their units even if your towers only have a few hundred HP means the opponent has to then invest more elixir into taking your tower and it also allows you to cycle back to your lava hound quicker. Learn what air defence your opponent has and pressure with balloon when you know they can't fully defend your push. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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