Ash posted 7 months ago

Today we'll take a look at a crazy new "double siege" deck. That's right! X-bow and Mortar in the same deck... on top ladder... after recording the video I'm a believer that this deck actually works, even against all the Royal Giant decks that we're seeing this meta. From watching today's pro you can see how patiently the pro will use this deck, he identifies the opponents siege counter and then he will begin to play offensively. He will rarely play two siege units at the bridge, he will use on on defence to help support the other units placement at the bridge or to help defend. If you keep losing match-ups you're probably playing too aggressive, most battles with this deck will go into over time! For air defence you have the mega minion and musketeer, protect the musketeer as much as possible, this allows you to get a lot of value from her and can even force a defensive spell from your opponent.

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X-bow should mainly be used in single elixir as a defensive unit to help protect your princess towers and defend against the opponent troops. In over time and triple elixir you can begin to use this card more aggressively, protect it on offensive with your knight, skeleton or musketeer.


Mortar will actually be your main offensive, unit, you only need one mortar hit to value for your four elixir. If you're against royal hogs you should use this card more on defence and the x-bow on offence instead. Just like the x-bow try to protect this card from units when you place it at the bridge.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your main role with this deck is to defend and make positive elixir trades while learning what deck the opponent is playing. You also need to take a mental note of their main siege counters, and whether you are best playing the mortar to support the x-bow or vise versa.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin ramping up the offensive pressure and using your spells to support your pushes. Remember to protect the musketeer and keep her out of spell range to your other units where possible. I highly recommend checking out the video to see the decision making that today's guest makes while using this deck.

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