This is the #1 DECK in Clash Royale! MUSKY + KNIGHT = OP?!
Ash posted 7 months ago

This is the new HOT mortar deck that is currently been used by by numerous pro players inside the top 200, but today we have the one and only AirSurfer on the channel showing us how to master this deck. This deck has the knight and musketeer which is one of the strongest combos in the game right now and you also have the zap bait element to this deck because of the skeleton barrel, spear goblins and goblin gang! I find this deck easy to play even though I'm not a mortar player so give it a try. In match-ups you should be pressuring both lanes to apply more pressure with your bait cards, this is particularly important against beatdown decks where the player will often go for a tower trade and you need to have a damage advantage. I recommend trying to use troops to defend the opponents pushes rather than your fireball, this give you a stronger counter push potential.

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Musketeer should be cycled early and often, use them a lot because she's your main DPS on defence and is also a great support card for the mortar. When using this card on defence try to space out your units to avoid giving your opponent good spell value.

Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton barrel is one of your two win conditions inside this deck but it can also be used on defence as a distraction, this allows you to save your goblins. As I mentione above remember to use this card to pressure both lanes, it's a good unit to use on offence to force a defensive play from your opponent, try to use this card to punish the opponent if they don't have a small spell in cycle.


Mortar is your main win condition, use it at the bridge after a successful defensive sequence to apply pressure and try to punish the opponent. You should aim to protect the mortar to maximise your elixir value from this card. It can also be used defensively to kite units into the centre of arena, this is a good tatic in double elixir where you can easily cycle back to a second mortar which can be used on offence with the support of your defensive mortar.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game keep using your musketeer while trying to make positive elixir trades on defence. Use your bait cards to keep up the pressure and try to control the tempo of the match. Learn what deck the opponent is using and try to bait out their small spells with your bait cards throughout the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should now know what deck the opponent is playing so you know which units you need to save for defence and offence. Remember to keep cycling those musketeers while keeping up the pressure with your other units. Good luck with this deck everyone and thank-you once again to everyone who uses creator code CWA.

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