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In today's video we welcome Magma onto the channel who is sharing the strongest version of bridge spam. This new version of bridge spam is unique yet incredibly strong. The #1 tip I can give when using this deck is to play it reactively and don't get too aggressive. Use your canon cart, hunter, e-wiz or lumberjack to defend and then use them to counter push and apply pressure at the bridge with your battle ram (ideally into the rage spell of the lumberjack) For air defence with this deck you have the hunter and the e-wiz. Barb barrel will be your main counter to goblin barrel or skeleton barrel. The beauty of bridge spam is it potential to punish or pressure the opponent, you can use battle ram or lumberjack in the opposite lane if you need to stop your opponent supporting their push anymore.

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Hunter is a strong defensive unit that is also your main tank killer. Try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible, remember this guy deals more damage the close he is to the unit he's targeting.

Battle Ram

Battle ram is your main win condition and is best used on a counter push or to pressure the opposite lane. It can also be used to kite certain units away from your princess towers and into the opposite lane.

Electro Wizard

E-wiz is a unique cards who's stun mechanic makes him great of defence because he can be used to reset charging or dashing units and is a great counter to inferno dragon or sparky and can also be used to help you win battles at the bridge. He should mainly be used as a defensive support card for the rest of your troops, his enter the arena ability means he can be played directly on top of bats, skarmy, spear goblins to take them out.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game be patient and try to build up an elixir advantage and then you can pressure the opponent and force them to play defence. Be Careful not to over commit in single elixir, even if you do have an elixir advantage. The best starting plays are either cycling heal spirit or even playing a battle ram at the bridge.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin to support your pushes more with your spells and even tower trade if you know you can't fully defend a tower. Go check out the video to see the decision making that magma makes throughout his matchups, this really helps me improve as a player and also reminds me of some of the basics that everyone should follow!

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