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Today we have Toanee on the channel sharing this variation of a lava hound deck that you should play with patience and use the elixir pump to help manufacture an elixir lead while using your other units to help defend or pressure at the bridge. The elixir pump works well inside this deck because of the bait aspect and also the lack of earthquake in the meta right now. The skeleton dragons, minions, balloon and pump can all be used to help bait out medium spells like fireball or poison, you can use this to your advantage to either pump up if they don't have a spell in hand or use your units offensively if they've just used their spell on your pump. Today's guest will mainly play small pushes throughout the match and not fully support all his pushes, he will use a naked balloon in a lane and also use this deck to apply dual lane throughout the match. You can do this with goblin gang at the bridge, balloon etc.

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Lava Hound

Hound will mainly be used as a heavy tank to help protect your balloon, skeleton dragons, minions etc. Hound is also a great first play play it can catch the opponent off guard and often they won't have a good counter in cycle. You can see in the video that Toanee will mainly play the hound in the back as a first play, throughout the rest of the match he will mainly play her more offensively at the bridge or just in front of his princess tower.

Elixir Collector


  • Don't pump against golem or log bait decks
  • Placing this card in front of your princess tower is more beneficial against, miner, graveyard.
  • Bait out spells whenever possible to get more value from this card during single elixir.
Skeleton Army

Skarmy is a great tank killer however it easily countered by small spells so you need to try and bait out cards like zap or snowball with your goblin gang. They can also be used to distract troop cards like knight, lumberjack etc while your skeleton dragons can help shut down their support cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game try to manufacture an elixir advantage by using your pump and making positive elixir trades on defence while learning what deck your opponent is playing. You can start out with the hound if you have her in cycle.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir keep up the pressure in both lanes and remember to try and bait out the opponent key counters before you pressure them. Goodluck with this deck everyone go check out the video to see if todays pro can beat the one and only AirSurfer!!

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