Ash posted 3 days ago

This deck looks like it's straight from arena 3 however todays pro player has been using this deck inside the top 100 and have huge success. It's also fairly straightforward to use, you will pump early on to manufacture an elixir advantage and then defend. As the match progresses you will combine your giant and sparky together for offence and support them with the minions. You will rely on the goblins and wizard for defence while using the barbarians as a spell bait card. Both the barbs and goblins can be used to surround units that deal splash damage, the sparky can also be used on defence as long as you can support her on offence. Once you have the elixir advantage it's easy to apply dual lane pressure and punish the opponent when your sparky makes you a positive elixir trade.

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Giant is your main tank and meat shield inside this deck. Use him to tank damage for your sparky and minions. He can also be used to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers, this works well against mega knight, pekka, dragons, ghost and the two princes.


Wizard is a great F2P option for many players and because he doesn't die to fireball he is a good defensive options against both ground and air units. You can also use him to support your pushes if you know your opponent has swarm cards in cycle.


Sparky is what makes this deck so strong, you will mainly use her behind your giant to apply offensive pressure and hopefully get a connection to the opponent's towers. A lot of opponents will over defend a sparky so you need to use minions or wizard to help support her and protect her from swarm units where possible. You can also use her on defence to help shut down the opponent counter push troops or help stop tanks.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your main aim to to pump up and manufacture an elixir advantage while learn what deck the opponent is playing. Apply light counter push pressure throughout single elixir to see how the opponent responds. Remember to protect your pump, you can use you barbarians as spell bait if you need to.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you need to try and build up a push to overwhelm the opponent, try to support your sparky as much as possible with the correct support units, this depends on what deck the opponent is playing. Good luck with this deck everyone, please let me know how many trophies you climb while using this deck!

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