Ash posted 6 months ago

Today we have the OG pro player DiegoB on the channel sharing this deck that is taking over the pro scene. This royal hog deck is incredibly strong and is perfect for pressuring your opponent on the counter push. The mini pekka and ice golem can both be used as a mini tank for the royal hogs and you can also use the heal spirit to help support your push. The magic archer can be used to help bait out spells as well as support your offensive units, his long range means he can be played behind your towers or in the opposite lane. Using him at the bridge can be a good tactic to get extra tower chip as well as limit the opponents counter push potential if you can a good magic archer placement. The hunters and mini are both great tank killers and also work well against hog rider, ram rider, battle ram etc.

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Royal Hogs

Hogs are you main win condition, use them on a counter push or to apply pressure when you need to force your opponent to play elixir defensively. You can also split lane push with these guys but I only recommend doing that against decks with two or three counters to your hogs.

Ice Golem

For only two elixir this card can offer a lot of value and can be used on defence and offence. On defence you can use this guy to act as a glass tank or to kite units away from your princess towers and into the opposite lane. This works well against lumberjack, ghost, pekka, baby dragon, mega knight and the two princes. It's frost nova is also capable of killing bats and skeletons making him a good counter to skeleton barrel.


Earthquake is a strong spell which is a great counter to buildings like x-bow, furnace, elixir pump and mortar. Its slow effect means it can also be used to support your offensive units. You can use this card more aggressively in double elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with the royal hogs if you have strong defensive units like hunter or mini pekka in cycle. Try to work out what counters your opponent has to your hogs and what spells they're running. Use your earthquake to get spell value against spawner buildings, siege decks or elixir pump. Don't be afraid to go aggressive in single elixir, remember this is a fast cycle deck and it's a good time to see how the opponent responds. If they start out with a

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir start to ramp up the offensive pressure while maintaining an efficient defence. Try to chip away at the opponents tower in anyway you can and remember you can even apply dual lane pressure. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see Diego coaching me live inside a battle!

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