Ash posted 2 weeks ago

Today e welcome SMR Thomas on the channel who is sharing this strong combo deck which has a very high win rate on ladder. The main combo is the royal recruits and the royal hogs, these cards allow you to apply dual lane pressure throughout the match and really test the opponents defensive capability. The skeleton dragons can also be split to help support your offensive troops. You can also use the royal recruits to bait out spells like fireball or poison which gives your the opportunity to play your musketeer or hogs. On defence you will mainly rely on the goblin cage to kite or distract units while using the musketeer to deal the damage.

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Royal Hogs

The royal hogs are your main win condition in this deck, you will mainly rely on the recruits tanking damage for these guys but you can also use the goblin brawler and heal spirit to support the hogs. Try to split these guys at the bridge unless you know your opponent is low on elixir or has no good counters in cycle.

Goblin Cage

As I mentioned above the cage is your main defensive unit in most matchups and the brawler can be used on the counter push to support or to tank tower damage. This card will work well at distracting x-bow or a mortar and can be played in the same lane as a hog rider ( four tiles from the river) to perfectly counter it and also give you a counter push opportunity.


Musketeer is you main defensive troop against both ground and air units. Try to avoid giving your opponent spell value when using this card unless you're trying to bait out a spell. Use her on the counter push and try to get good value from your heal spirit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Earlly game try to use the recruits on defence and then counter push behind them with the hogs. Early game you should focus on defending and then counter pushing, try to keep your units alive as long as possible and the use heal spirit to support your troops. Never start out by splitting recruits in the back. The ideal first play is heal spirit, log or skeleton dragons.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir and over time you should focus on applying dual lane pressure. Use your spells to support your pushes and to make positive elixir trades on defence. If your opponent over defends in one lane or drops an expensive troop behind their towers then you can invest more elixir on offence in the other lane. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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