Tips to becoming a BETTER 2.6 PLAYER.
Ash posted 7 months ago

Today we have Oyassuu on the channel who is one of the best 2.6 players in the world and has been using this deck inside the top 200 on ladder. Learning a quick cycle deck will improve your overall gameplay and help you understand micro card interactions. Try to get as much value from your cycle cards as possible and pay particular attention to the placement that Oyassuu makes when using these cards in today's video. The ice golem, hog rider and musketeer are you three main units inside this deck. Use the hog to apply offensive pressure and force the opponent to spend elixir on defence. Use your spells to help make positive elixir trades and try to get tower chip damage with them throughout the match.

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Ice Golem

Ice golem is basically a glass tank for your hog rider, musketeer or your princess towers. Against decks where you don't require him on defence as much you can use him as a cycle card in the back. His frost nova is can also be used to kills skeletons or bat as well as slow down minions or goblins. He can also be used to kite certain units into the opposite lane and away from your princess towers, this works well against pekka, ghost, prince, any of the dragons and also a knight.

Hog Rider

Hog rider is your main win condition and you will mainly lay defence through offence when using this card however because of the cycle power of this dck you can easily use him on the counter push alongside your other units. He can also be used to kite a low HP unit unit temporarily away from your towers buying them enough time to shut down their units. This works well against low health mini pekka, knight etc and also give you that counter push opportunity which the opponent then has to respond too.


Canon will primarily be used to kite and distract units to keep your princess towers alive as long as possible. For the most optimal tile placement check out the video to see how Oyassuu uses this card throughout different matchups. You can also cycle very quickly with this deck so don't be afraid to play it and then quickly cycle back to a second canon, this will be important against beatdown archetypes or balloon decks where you can actually activate your king tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match with a hog rider or use your cycle cards to get to a hog rider. In single elixir your main aim is to take as little tower damage as possible while chipping away at their towers and making positive elixir trades. Protect your musketeer and make it difficult for your opponent to take her out. If your opponent plays a tank in the back then immediately apply opposite lane pressure to stop them fully supporting their push.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir ou should keep up the offensive pressure while using your spells to support you units as well as chipping away at their towers. Try to stack up musketeers to help aid your princess towers on defence. You should still be using your cycle cards to either support your units or protect your princess towers. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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