Ash posted 2 weeks ago

Today we the legend CHEESECAKE on the channel this deck that is potentially the strongest deck in this meta!! He loves this deck because the high use rate of fireball makes this deck perfect for punish your opponent when you've successfully baited out their fireball. Against decks with barb hut ot bomb towers you should try to out cycle their buildings, you can use a mega knight to bait out the building and then go opposite lane with your hogs after they've played their building. If the opponent has fireball you can try to bait it out with defensive skeleton dragons, if they take the bait you can then use royal hogs and heal spirit at the bridge. For defence you will mainly rely on the cage and the musketeer as your main defensive units. The rest of your cards should be strategically used to either punish or bait the opponent. Use heal spirit and barb barrel to help cycle through this deck as well as support the rest of your troops.

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Mega Knight

This guy will mainly be used on defence to help deal with support cards and then you can counter push behind him because he'll act as a tank for your units. You can safely play this card in the back if your opponent cycles a tank (mini tank like knight or a heavier tank like golem) behind their towers. Try to battle on your side of the arena so your princess towers can support your units. This card should always have another unit supporting it because it is easily countered for a positive elixir trade.

Royal Hogs

Hogs are your win condition inside this deck, I recommend checking out the video to see when CheeseCake applies pressure with these guys and how he baits out hard counters like fireball or bomb tower before applying pressure. You can split lane push with this guys but you should mainly be using them in the same lane.


Fireball can be used on defence to help knock back a balloon, ram rider or even take out support cards with the help of the barb barrel. On offence (mainly in double elixir) you can start to use this card or support your hogs or help your troops win the battle of the bridge. It's useful against buildings and centrally placed range units like musketeer or executioner.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir it's important to learn what deck the opponent is playing and what building and spells they have in their deck. Try to make positive elixir trades on defence by using the goblin cage and then using the hogs to apply pressure after a successful defensive sequence.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should now know what deck the opponent is playing and what their key counters are to your deck. Try to bait out their units and then punish them on offence. Try to get as much value as possible from your heal spirit. Good luck with this deck everyone and once again I'd like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who uses Creator Code 'CWA' in all supercell games.

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