UNBEATABLE! I've NEVER Shared a Deck Like This!
Ash posted 6 months ago

Today I'm sharing this SUPER OFF-META DECK that has the dual win condition and an extremely strange combination of cards! I guarantee you're opponent will struggle tracking your card cycle and making prediction plays against you because of how unusual this deck is to face. This deck is also very strong on defence and also provides you with a good counter push opportunity. Try to bait out spells in order to maximise your offensive or defensive potential, for example using skarmy can bait out a log which will allow you to pressure with the goblin barrel on offence or if you need skarmy on defence you can use goblin barrel on offence so the opponent has to choose between defending or applying pressure. One thing I love about this deck is its ability to apply dual lane pressure, the skarmy, zappie and hogs can all be split and you can choose to use earthquake to help take down defensive buildings or slow defensive troops.

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Giant Skeleton

This guy is great for blocking up a loane and shutting down any hope your opponent has of a counter push. His death bomb is lethal and deals around 1000 damage to the opponents tower if you can get him in range. He is also a tank which means you can use him as a meat shield for wither your royal hogs or the goblin barrel. Against heavy air decks you can use this card more offensively because the opponent will struggle to fully defend this card.


Hunter and skarmy are both great tank killers but this bushy eyed hunter can also deal damage to air units and is also more resistant to spells. You can pair this guy with skarmy to help protect him from heavy hitting units like pekka or prince providing the opponent doesn't have a small spell in cycle.

Goblin Barrel

From watching todays pro (bebbefan) you can see that he will play defence through offence by apply pressure with this card. Although this card is easily countered by certain cards you can aim to bait out small spells in order to deal more damage when you play this win condition. Duke barrels can be a good strategy to use if your skarmy or zappies re just crossing the bridge, always play the barrel off to one side against a barb barrel deck.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early wait 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first play, if they don't then you can start out with the goblin barrel or even split zappies in the back. Try to learn what deck the opponent is play and try to remember what spells they have. You can pressure opposite lane with the hogs immediately if the opponent uses splash units like bowler, valkyrie, executioner or wizard in one lane.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you should know what deck the opponent is playing, keep up the offensive pressure and try to keep baiting out those spells. You can begin using your giant skeleton more aggressively as well as using your earthquake to support your pushes. Try to avoid giving your opponent too much spell value on defence. Goodluck with this deck everyone!! Thanks again to everyone who chooses to support me by using creator code 'CWA' in all supercell shops!

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