Ash posted 1 year ago

This triple bait and double barrel deck is taking the pro scene over because of the OP dart goblin which has replaced the recently nerfed musketeer. Today's pro PauCuadRos21 is using this deck inside the TOP 50 in the world. At 2.9 elixir you can easily control the tempo of the match and quickly cycle back to your main defensive units that you will need for the match-up. Use you skeletons on defence to help make positive elixir trades and protect your dart goblin or bomb tower from the opponents troops. Your main aim with this deck is to bait out the opponents small spells and then you can punish them with the barrels on offence. I would personally use the dart goblin more on defence, you can pressure with a barrel to force the opponent to play defence rather than offence, particularly if you have a fairly big push heading your way. The two spells inside this deck both have a knock back ability which works great on defence. Learn what tower damage the two spells do in case you need to spell cycle towards the end of the match. On defence you will mainly rely on the bomb tower to splash their support cards as well as kite tanks or also bridge spam units. The knight should be used as your tank inside this deck, you can use him on defence with the support of the skeletons or the dart goblin and then you can try and counter push with him tanking tower damage.

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Dart Goblin

Dart goblin is an incredibly strong card right now and this is mainly due to his long range that allows him to be able to defend the opposite lane or from behind the king tower against bait or graveyard decks. His range also means you can keep him out of spell range from your towers or other units inside this deck. I highly recommend protecting and keeping him alive for as long as possible to try and force your opponent to play their spells, if they don't then you'll be able to stack up multiple dart goblins and then overwhelm the opponent.

Goblin Barrel

The goblin barrel is a win condition inside this deck, you can use it at the same time as your skeleton barrel if your opponent only has one main counter to your bait units. Playing the skeleton barrel at the bridge followed by goblin barrel will allow the skeleton barrel to tank tower damage for the little goblins.


Try to get as much value from the fireball as possible, you will also rely heavily on this card against air decks, it's knock back ability can be used against balloons or to shut down minions, lava pups or flying machine. As the match progresses you can make prediction spell placements to help support your pushes.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game your should apply light pressure to see what counters your opponent has for your bait cards. You can play defence through offence with this deck against certain archetypes. The ideal starting play is the skeleton barrel however you can also use goblin barrel or cycle skeletons in the back.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir or over time you need to keep up the offensive pressure, if you just try to defend the opponent will eventually overwhelm you and you will lose the match. Most matches will go deep into over time because your damage will be mainly chip damage acquired throughout the match. Keep switching lanes if you need to, you can also start stacking up defensive units while cycle the dart goblin as much as possible. It's easy to spell cycle in triple elixir with this deck if you can get their towers to 1000HP or under.

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