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The electro spirit inside this deck makes it slightly easier to play while still allowing you to learn the principles of a cycle deck. For anyone who's used the original 2.9 deck the basics are the same, you're looking to punish the opponent by either waiting for them to make a mistake or by out cycling their main x-bow counter. Use your low elixir cards to make positive elixir trades and be patient. Remember you can always switch lanes and play defence through offence if the opponent invests a sizable amount of elixir in one lane. The two spells inside this deck can be used to help chip away at the opponent's towers throughout the match if you can make a positive elixir trade. They can also be used on defence to support your cards and provide you with a good counter push opportunity.

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Ice Golem

Ice golem is a glass tank and can be used to buy your units more time to shut down the opponents cards and potentially get that tower lock with the x-bow. On defence you can use this card to kite units like pekka, prince or dragons into the opposite lane for a positive elixir trade.

Electro Spirit

In my opinion this card offer a LOT of value for only one elixir. It's stun mechanic is a great counter to lava pups, graveyard, minions, bats, goblins, skeleton barrel, sparky and so on... It's also a great support card for x-bow or tesla. At only one elixir you should use this card to help cycle through your deck like you would with the ice spirit in the original 2.9 cycle deck.


X-bow is the main win condition inside this deck and learning when to use this card on defence or offence is the main skill you should focus on learning. Defensive x-bow's are good in match-ups where the opponent has lots of counters and you require extra chip damage to break through their defence. It can also be a good strategy to bait out spells like earthquake or poison. Offensive x-bow's should mainly be used when you know you can out cycle the opponents tank or when they're low on elixir. Try to support the x-bow as much as possible to maximise your tower damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out by cycling the electro spirit, skeletons, archers or log. As with every match-up it's particularly important to learn what deck the opponent is playing, pay attention to their tank and what spells they're running. You will be looking to apply light pressure in single elixir with this deck in most circumstances so you can go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir keep switching lanes if you need to and try to keep up the offensive pressure. Remember you can use a defensive x-bow to support and offensive x-bow by quickly cycling through this deck. Good luck with this deck everyone please let me know if you have more success with version!!

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