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Today we welcome Boki on the channel who is sharing this super strong hog rider deck that has had a huge 81% win rate inside challenges in Clash Royale. The hog rider is your main win condition however you also have three bait cards which can be used to punish the opponent if you can successfully bait out their small spells. For example if the opponent has zap they'll be likely to use it on the inferno tower but then you can play your skeleton army to shut down their push. Alternatively if the opponent is running log or snowball you can use goblin gang and skeleton army to bait out their small spells. The hog rider and bandit can both be used to apply pressure at the bridge, this is useful when you need to apply opposite lane pressure to force the opponent to split their elixir between offence and defence to stop them fully supporting their push.

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Inferno Tower

Inferno tower is a strong defensive unit that you will rely on to stop tanks and also kite bridge spam units like ram rider, battle ram, hog rider and even a balloon. Try to protect to from heavy hitting units like a charging prince or a pekka, you can use your log or bait cards to slow down the opponents push.

Hog Rider

This guy is your main win condition and because there is no tank inside this deck you'll be looking to slowly chip away at the opponents tower throughout the match by playing the hog when you know they're low on elixir or don't have a good counter in cycle.


The archers are you main air defence alongside the inferno tower. They can also be split behind your king tower if you know you don't rely on them for defence in that certain match-up. If you can against an air deck try to use these as much as possible and then cycle back to them. Try not to give your opponent any form of spell value when using these guys, if you watch todays video you will see he always plays the archers away from the inferno tower or other defensive troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should mainly be applying light pressure with the hog rider while making positive elixir trades on defence and counter pushing whenever possible. Try to bait out the opponents spells and then use your other units to punish them. For starting plays | like to either use the bandit or the hog rider to see how the opponent responds. Try to keep your archers and inferno tower in cycle until you know what deck the opponent is playing so they can't punish you.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should still be chipping away at the opponent's towers with the hog rider and bandit. Most matches will go into overtime so be patient when using this deck and try not to over commit on offence. You can start to use your spells more aggressively in double elixir too, you might need to start spell cycling if you can break through the opponent defence.

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