Ash posted 3 years ago

The potential this deck has on both offence and defence make it almost unstoppable as todays pro proves to us in the video which you guys can check out below. The ice wizard and tornado combo is still one of the strongest defensive combos in the game right now and has been for a very long time. On offence you have the miner and balloon which isn't easy to defend. The recruits and inferno dragon also provide you with an extra line of defence because the dragon can burn away at tanks and the recruits can be used to block up both lanes and can even tank damage for your miner or the balloon. If you know you don't need the inferno dragon for defence you can actually use it more on offensive, this is a good tactic to use because can potentially force the opponent to use some of their air defence which gives you the opportunity to apply pressure with the balloon.

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Miner will mainly be used to help chip away at the opponent's towers throughout the match while also acting as a mini tank for your balloon and other units inside this deck. In some circumstances you might need to use this guy on defence, for example if your recruits are out of cycle and you need to protect your ice wizard. Remember to always switch up your miner placements throughout the match.


Tornado has lots of potential in the deck to be used alongside the ice wizard or even the death bomb of the balloon or fireball. On offence you can use this card to pull ranged units like musketeer, wizard or executioner into the opposite lane and away from your balloon.


Fireball can be used to help support your miner or balloon on offence because it take out minions, goblins, barbarians and archers. It's knock back ability can be useful on defence against other balloon decks or also bridge spam units. You might need to use this card to spell cycle in over time and sudden dearth.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game I recommend trying to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity by using your tornado. This gives you extra defensive power throughout the match and is especially important against hog rider, bait and miner decks. For starting plays you can use the miner or if you're an aggressive player you can even use the balloon as your first card.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to keep up the offensive pressure with the miner balloon combo while making positive elixir trades on defence and counter pushing when you can. The great thing about this deck is you can easily switch lanes or even apply dual lane pressure if you have your recruits down. Good luck with this OP deck everyone!

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