Ash posted 3 years ago

This bridge spam archetype is extremely strong right now and at 3.3 elixir it's easy to control the tempo of the match in most matchup. As you might has noticed there isn't a pekka in this deck but it is full of cheaper units which you can use more aggressively throughout the match while getting the magic archer alignments to get maximum tower damage due to there been no big spell in this deck. One of my favourite things about this deck is you can easily apply dual lane pressure, you should do this when you're up on elixir and you can some counter push units heading down one lane. Try to use the battle ram or bandit to tank tower damage when applying pressure at the bridge. Heal spirit can be used to help heal up your units if your opponent has just used a spell.

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Magic Archer

As a general rule of thumb Jax says you should be up 3 or 4 elixir when using this card so you can support him and ensure the unit you're trying to chip out is going to die. This guy can offer a lot of value due to his long range and 'magic arrow' that is great at chipping away at support cards. I mentioned above you should try to get some tower chip damage with this guy when you get the opportunity

Electro Wizard

Electro wizard (aka e-wiz) is a strong defensive unit that can defend both ground and air. It's unique enter the arena ability can be used to defend against sparky, inferno dragon, skeleton barrel and even goblin barrel if you can get the correct timing. His stun mechanic is useful at slowing down the opponents pushes but he will need support from canon cart, ghost or magic archer.

Royal Ghost

The ghosts recent buff has massively improved his use rates in the arena. He can now be used to out play the opponent at the arena and his splash is good at defending swarm units. When cycling this card play him in the corner to make it harder for you opponent to kite him or use tornado to activate their king tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

Bandit, ghost or heal spirit are the best starting plays, they can also be played a reset point throughout the match. Generally you should use your lowest elixir cards first. You should try to control the tempo of the match, in single elixir against heavier decks you should be apply pressure at the bridge to prevent the opponent building up a strong push.

Late Stage Gameplan

You don't have a spell in the deck to finish off a tower so the match is never over until you can take down a tower with a unit. You can support your units my getting correct placements with the magic archer and also the bandit to help enable her dash ability. Remember to use the heal spirit to support your units as well. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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