Ash posted 3 months ago

Today I'm sharing this off-meta balloon deck that at 4.4 elixir may seem expensive however it allows you to build up a monster push that is almost impossible for the opponent to defend. You need to play fairly passively with this deck in single elixir and then build up a push one you hit double elixir. You can bait out buildings with your mega knight or giant skeleton and then quickly attack with the bandit and balloon combo at the bridge. Use the rage spell alongside the balloon if you're up on elixir and try to rage as many units as possible. For air defence you have the minions and the electro wizard, be careful not to give the opponent spell value when using these card. Giant skeleton is a good defensive unit because he can block a lane and his death damage can easily take out the opponents support cards. Against graveyard decks you should focus on defending the bridge to prevent the opponent having a unit tanking tower damage. You can use the electro wizard or bandit to help protect the tower.

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Mega Knight

Try to utilise this guys enter the arena ability to your advantage, you should only play him in single elixir if you can make a positive elixir trade with him. His high HP makes him a good unit to counter push behind because he can tank tower damage for your other units.


Balloon is your main win condition and will mainly be used only on a counter push. You can pair this card with bandit, mega knight or giant skeleton. You should also have your spells ready to support this card, if you know the opponent has bats, minions or minion horde you should have arrows selected and ready to drop.


At only three elixir this is one of the cheapest cards inside this deck. This card is also a great starting play and it can be used to dash over the river to target defensive troops or buildings. You can also cycle this card at reset points throughout the match. She can also stop a charging prince without taking any damage if she has time to dash.

Early Stage Gameplan

Obviously with a heavier deck like this you need to play very passive in single elixir and wait for the opponent to make the first play. Don't over commit and don't use the balloon unless you know you have a huge elixir advantage. Even if you're at a damage advantage you can pull back in double elixir as long as your don't end up at an elixir disadvantage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time this deck truly shines. You should be aiming to bait out air counters and then try to pressure with the balloon. Keep pairing the balloon and rage together on offence as it's difficult to defend and often requires the opponent to spend more elixir defending. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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