Ash posted 2 months ago

Today we have the pro player sniper on the channel sharing this easy to play bridge spam deck that has one of the highest win rates in the entire game. This deck is so good because if you don't know what play to make you can just start building up a slow push from behind your princess towers. You can also control the tempo of the match due to the ram raider and the bandit. Use your spells to help take out their troops or buildings, you can also use them to help your units win a battle at the bridge or to help defend your towers. Poison is a good counter to graveyard if the opponent has a freeze or a unit tanking tower damage. Snowball can be used to knock back a ram rider, balloon, or hog rider while the barb barrell will be your main counter to spell bait decks. It's also important to apply dual lane pressure, this makes it harder for your opponent to defend and also forces the opponent to split their elixir between both lanes making it harder for them to counter push.

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Mega Knight

This card is good for taking out support units that are placed behind a tank, it can also be used to push back charging units or to shut down swarm cards like barbarians or three musketeers. You should try to counter push behind this card if you have enough elixir.

Ram Rider

Ram rider can apply a lot of offensive pressure and it can also be very difficult to defend for the opponent. You can utilise the snare ability on defence, this works well against hog rider, balloon, battle ram and also air units like baby dragon or mega minion. This card can also be played in the in the back

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon can be simply cycled in the back if you don't require him for defence against golem, hounds or giants. This card is perfect for slowly building up a push from behind your princess towers. Try to use your spells to protect this card for defensive units, the last thing the opponent wants is for this card to lock onto their towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passively and learn what deck the opponent is playing. Keep cycling your bandit and don't play a unit unnecessarily if you know you need it for defence. Try to get as much value from your spells as possible and don't over commit on offence because it can set you behind for the rest of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can ramp up the offensive pressure and fully supporting your pushes. Remember applying dual lane pressure can be a good way to break through the opponents defence. Check out the video to see how today's pro dominates with this deck and also watch till the end to see if a even a noob like me can have success with this deck!!

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