Pro's New Deck... Golem and Graveyard...
Ash posted 3 years ago

Today we have the Hog Cycle God Jack on the channel sharing this SUPER OFF-META deck that he's been using inside challenges to rack up some wins! The best thing about this deck is the surprise element because your opponent will never expect you to be running the card combinations you have in this deck. Your main push should consist of golem, graveyard and freeze, but you might not be able to play this combo until double or even triple elixir. On defence you will rely on the canon to kite units into the centre of the arena, canon is also a great counter to graveyard. For air defence I prefer to rely on the mega minion, you can also distract units with your golem who can tank damage for your other units or your towers.

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Golem is a strong tank that should mainly be used for tanking damage and distracting the opponents units. You can pair this card with freeze to help him get death damage on the opponents tower. In single elixir you should play this card behind your towers and slowly build up a push, as the match progresses into double or triple elixir you can start to use this guy more aggressively by playing him in front of your towers or even at the bridge in front of your counter push troops. You might also need to use this card to distract x-bow or mortars, you can support him with archers or canon to help keep his health up.

Skeleton Army

These guys are great for killing tanks or defending against goblin barrels. They are easily countered so if you know your opponent has log, zap or snowball in cycle you will need to rely on your other units for defence. You can however use them to bait out spells if you're preparing to go in for a graveyard + freeze push.


Use the arrows to support your offensive units, they can kill minions, goblins, archers etc. Only use this card on defence if you can make a positive elixir trade or if you don't have another good counter in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game don't make the first play, wait for the opponent and if they just cycle a pointless card that costs two elixir or more then you can start out with golem in the back if you have him in cycle. Early game your main aim is to take as little tower damage as possible, you can do this by defending and applying pressure to force the opponent to play defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once your in double elixir this deck becomes a lot easier to use, you can also tower trade and focus your elixir on three crowning that opponent if you have a good card cycle. Try not to get into a spell cycle race. if you've haven't played your freeze spell yet then take the opportunity when the opponent is low on elixir or has just played a splash damage unit like wizard, executioner or bowler to counter your graveyard.

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