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Today I'm sharing a deck that has been used by 11 of the top 20 players in the world... JUPITER KING is today's guest and he's sharing his best tips for using this deck. Royal Giant is a great fee to play friendly win condition I will show some substitutes for the legionaries below. This deck is fairly straight forward to play, you should use barb hut throughout the match because it applies offensive pressure while also providing you with a defensive building and a stream of spawning barbarians that can be used as support cards. Against graveyard decks try to keep switching lanes, you can use your e-wiz, baby dragon or barb barrel to help defend the graveyard. If you're up against a bait deck try to take as little tower damage as possible in single elixir, you will rely g=heavily on your splash cards or defence and then using them on the counter push. If you need to tower trade then this can be very beneficial to you because the RG can be played in the pocket where he is almost guaranteed to get tower damage.

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Royal Giant

Royal Giant is actually incredibly strong this meta because of the lower use rates of cards like mini pekka. This guy will be your main source of tower damage throughout the match and he can be used in front of your counter push units like Jupiter King does throughout the video. If the opponent has a building you can play barb barrel at the river to distract it. The RG will also be your main counter to x-bow and spawner decks.


Fisherman should be used early game to pull units towards your king tower to try and get that early activation which will help you out on defence throughout the rest of the match. He can also be used to pull the opponents defensive troops away from your Royal Giant, this works well against pekka, hunter and he also also be used to kite bridge spam units.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is effectively a mini tank himself but the splash damage this card deals makes it great in defence and also on offence if you know your opponent has a swarm card in cycle. You can use this card on defence to tank damage for other units or even your princess towers.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you should try and use the barbarian hut if you have it in cycle. You can also cycle your barb barrel or mega minion if you don't have a good first play. Assess what deck the opponent is playing, remember RG decks are all about punishing your opponent when you know they don't have a good counter in cycle or they're low on elixir. Try to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start using your spells to support your pushes and even applying dual lane pressure if you get the opportunity. Keep stacking the barbarian hut, this a good thing to keep doing throughout the match, unless you end up in a spell cycle race. Keep applying pressure with the RG, this will force the opponent to play defence while increasing the odds of you getting tower damage.

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