Ash posted 2 years ago

Today we have Jules on the channel who is sharing this Giant Skeleton clone deck which is actually very effective in a lot of match ups. Jules says the clone is the main win condition and using it as a surprise card is what will win him the majority if his games. Try to clone your units at the last possible second to make it harder for your opponent to defend. The best units to clone are skeleton barrel, night witch and giant skeleton however you should clone as many units as possible to get maximum value for your elixir. For defence you can use the giant skeleton to block a lane, the canon cart is also a strong defensive unit because of it's long range and counter push potential It will also be your main counter to x-bow or mortar decks. The baby dragon is your main defensive unit against air, it has great synergy with the tornado.

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Giant Skeleton

Use this guy to tank damage for the other units inside this deck. His death damage means you can use him to completely shut down large pushes that are stacked up behind a golem or giant. If you support this guy on offence you're more likely to get him to connect to the opponents tower which will result in over a 1000HP of tower damage.

Night Witch

Night witch is a great support card and cycling her in the back means she has more time to spawn bats while you recoup elixir ready to support her if necessary. She can also be useful in bating out small spells like snowball, arrows or zap which can all be used against the skeleton barrel or your cloned units.


Tornado is one of my favourite spells in the game, learning and mastering this card will help improve your overall game play and will allow you to make positive elixir trades throughout a match and also use it to support your defensive and offensive troops On defence you will mainly use this card to pull units into the death damage of the giant skeleton or the splash of the baby dragon. It can also be used to pull units away from your king tower to prevent them getting extra tower damage. On offence you can use this card to pull ranged units into the opposite lane leaving the opponent defenceless.

Early Stage Gameplan

You should play very passive in single elixir and should only try to take a tower if the opponent over commits and leaves their selves low on elixir. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower to help you out on defence throughout the rest of the match. This is particularly important against hog rider and bait archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can begin supporting your pushes and trying to surprise your opponent with the clone spell. I prefer to defend and counter push with this deck but if you're more of an aggressive player you can try pressuring opposite lane while defending with a canon cart. Keep cycling the skeleton barrel as much as possible this is a good way to force the opponent to use their spells on defence and they're also likely to make a misplay too. Good luck with this deck everyone!!

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