Ash posted 3 years ago

Today we welcome Osama on the channel who is famous for playing the three musketeers, however he has recently given up on the card and switched to this fireball bait deck with the royal hogs as your win condition. This deck is great at apply dual lane pressure and forcing the opponent to split their elixir and limiting their counter push potential. On defence you have the recruits which are great for blocking up a lane and tanking hits from high DPS units like pekka, prince etc. They can also be used as mini tanks for your hogs on offence or for the magic archer or hunter on defence. The goblin cage can be used to kite units into the centre of the arena while helping keep your towers and other troops alive. The brawler is a quick unit and has a decent amount of HP so try to use either hogs or magic archer behind him to keep up the pressure.

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Magic Archer

Almost every deck in the game has one unit that you should protect and keep alive for as long as possible and this is that card inside this deck. Try to utilise this guys long range to your advantage, he can be played in the opposite and to help defend and then apply opposite lane pressure. If you cycle this card then place him on the side with more tower HP to avoid giving the opponent too much spell value.


Hunter should mainly be used on defence to help take down the opponent push. His unique mechanics means he is very versatile on defence and can be used to counter high HP units like golem or hound at close range or swarm units at a slightly longer range. He is also a good counter to the balloon, hog rider

Royal Hogs

The best time to use this card is when you have a unit tanking tower damage and you also have a heal spirit ready to support them. If you can bait out cards like fireball, bomb tower, Valkyrie before applying pressure then you'll be in a better position. I would only split lane push with this card if the opponent has multiple counters like mega knight and valkyrie.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out with a goblin cage, barb barrel or magic archer in the back. If the opponent plays a splash unit or heavy tank then immediately apply opposite lane pressure. Try to keep playing the cage and the archer as much as possible because these provide the best defence and also give you good counter push opportunities.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start supporting the hogs more, keep using the heal spirit which can be used to support almost every troop in this deck. Try to get as much spell value as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone and thankyou for using creator code CWA in all supercell shops.

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