Ash posted 7 months ago

FINALLY we have found an electro giant deck that is actually viable and works, today's pro Jupiter king who was on the channel last, is sharing this deck that he used to win a grand challenge. Looking at the deck you can see it has the ice wizard, tornado and goblin cage which is still one of the strongest trio's in the game on defence. The splash damage in this deck makes it difficult for your opponent to break through your defence, and while electro giant is still very weak, supporting him with the other units inside this deck is how you will win a match-up. Don't be too aggressive with your lightening, try to get good spell value while taking out their main support cards.

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Ice Wizard

Ice wizard has great synergy with the tornado on defence, it can be used to slow down almost any push in the game and is capable of defending both ground and air units. Try to protect him on defence so he can support your offensive pushes. He can also be used to defend against a graveyard.

Goblin Cage

Goblin cage can be used to kite and distract the opponent win conditions. You can pair this card with ice wizard on defence, once the cage dies the brawler will protect the ice wizard. Play this card same lane, three tiles from the river, to counter a hog rider.

Dark Prince

Dark prince can be used to tank hits from heavy hitting units like sparky, prince, pekka etc. He's also a great support card for the e-giant. You can use this card to apply pressure at the bridge or simply cycle him in the back if you don't have anther good play to make.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game play passive and focus on making positive elixir trades on defence. Try to work out what deck the opponent is playing and what their main win condition is. The best starting plays with this deck is the barb barrel, cage or dark prince.

Late Stage Gameplan

Try to save your e-giant pushes until double elixir when you can support him better and also defend the opponents counter push easier. Remember to use the lightening in double elixir to either support your offensive units or protect your troops from the opponents support cards.

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