Ash posted 11 months ago

Today we have the CRL Pro, Sweep on the channel sharing this 'disgustingly' good deck that pretty much every pro is using right now. This deck looks so dirty that even a noob like me could use it, the principles are simple, try to pair rage with either the sparky or the elite barbarians for maximum effect. You can easily overwhelm your opponents defence if you time your rage correctly and have the right support troops down. Rage can also be used on defence to help protect your towers, this is a good play because it allows you to cycle as well as increase the DPS of your princess towers and your other defensive troops.

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Goblin Giant

Use this guy to tank damage for the rest of your units, he can also be used on defence to kite units or distract cards like x-bow or mortar. The spear goblins can be used to defend against bats, skeletons etc this make him a great counter to night witch or graveyard.


Musketeer is a strong defensive unit and your should try to protect her as much as possible and try to utilise her on the counter push. She has great synergy with the heal spirit and you can also protect her from swarm cards with the zap spell.

Elite Barbarians

Elite barbarians are often the stuff of nightmares of plays who in lower arenas, however with this recent buff they're making an appearance in top level ladder and pairing them with the rage spell can be deadly if the opponent doesn't have a good counter in cycle.

Early Stage Gameplan

Your main aim in single elixir is simple, survive until double elixir. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and what counters they have to your sparky. Try to make positive elixir trades where possible and go ahead and play the sparky if your opponent plays a tank in the back.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should start trying to build on your counter pushes and apply that extra pressure. You can start a push by playing sparky in the back if your opponent doesn't have rocket. One thing I love about this deck is its ability to apply dual lane pressure or even spam the bridge with e-barbs rage if you know your opponent is low on elixir or doesn't have a good counter in cycle.

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