Ash posted 5 months ago

Today we have THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD from last season sharing this deck that he used last season to get his #1 finish. I love this deck deck because of the defensive synergy between the baby dragon, ice wizard and the tornado. These card can shut down almost any push in the game and can help you make massive positive elixir trades. You can simply defend and wait for the perfect opportunity to play the pekka in the pekka and execute that one push that will hopefully end the match and get you that three crown victory. Anaban will use the balloon, lumberjack and zap fairly aggressively throughout the match, this is a good strategy because it will force the opponent to play defence and it also allows you to cycle back to your key defensive troops.

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Try to save the pekka until double elixir when you have enough elixir to support her as much as you can. You can also use her to defend against mega knights, golems, giants etc. When building a push play her in the back when you have an elixir advantage. Try to have a splash unit or zap ready to support this card in case the opponent tries to defend with a skarmy or other swarm cards.


Save the freeze as your secret weapon and try to pair it with the balloon or even the pekka. This card can kill skeletons, bats and also deal a lot of damage to goblins or minions. This card should be used when the opponent has just played their main defensive unit and you should try to freeze as many units as possible.


Balloon if your main win condition and can used throughout the match to apply offensive pressure which can force the opponent to play defence rather than offence. Ideally you should have a unit like lumberjack, baby dragon or pekka tanking damage and keeping the balloon alive as long as possible. Both spells in this deck can be used to support the balloon, zap can be used against bats or it can temporarily stun the tower and allow your balloon to get an extra hit. The death damage of this card can be crucial in close or mirror match-ups so keep applying pressure with this card even if you don't get any direct damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Ideally you should wait until double elixir to make the first play, however if the opponents starts the match by cycling a card you can go aggressive with the balloon at the bridge or even a lumberjack. In single elixir your main aim is to defend and apply light counter push pressure. This is a heavy deck and you won't be able to execute an all out push until double elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can ramp up the offensive pressure and begin to fully support your pushes. You can easily win the game with a single push if you can use the correct units to support your pekka and the balloon. Learn what the total tower damage is with all your spells in case you need to spell cycle in-order to finish the match, this will only work if the opponents towers are around 200-300HP or less. Check out the video to see how anaban uses this deck on ladder and thank-you to everyone who uses creator code CWA in all super cell shops.

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