Ash posted 3 years ago

Today I'm sharing a deck that was recently buffed by super-cell (by accident) in the most recent balance changes. Unless the opponent has poison then they're going to struggle to defend this card and at the time of this recording we have 4 players in the top 20 using a graveyard deck. You will mainly rely on the counter push to win when using this deck however in some scenarios you will need to play defence through offence by applying pressure at the bridge. This works well when you know you can't defend a push from the opponent. The skeleton army and bats can also be used to bait out small spells like zap, snowball etc.

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Graveyard is your min win condition and should be used when you have a unit tanking tower damage. Don't over commit with your spells on your offensive pushes, you should only use them to support the graveyard if you can make a positive elixir trade, for example killing minion horde, skarmy, princess etc. For the most optimal tower placement I recommend checking out the video to see where today's pro places this card.


This big guy is great for clogging up a lane and buying you time to build up a counter push. He's a great counter to swarm units, spawned decks and is great against bridge spam units too. His boulder can be used to help chip away at the opponents support cards and he can also provide you with a counter push due to his high HP.

Night Witch

Night witch should mainly be placed in the back to allow her more time to spawn bats and make it harder for your opponent to defend, this can also bait out cards like poison which is a hard counter to the graveyard. Try to make sure she stays behind the giant, this will keep her alive for as long as possible and will also mean the bats can help support the giant.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays I like to wait 10-15 seconds to see if the opponent makes the first play, if they don't you can start out with night witch in the back or even cycle or snowball. If you plat the night witch and the opponents applies opposite lane pressure you can kite units that don't target buildings into the opposite lane. You should focus on try to counter push in single elixir, use your spells to make positive elixir trades on defence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start trying to build up a monster push with this deck. Remember the bowler can be used to block up a lane and keep pushing back smaller troops. The two spells can now be used to take out the opponents defensive cards that they use to counter your graveyard, you can make prediction spell placement if you know what units your opponent has in cycle. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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