Ash posted 3 years ago

Today's guest is the pro player Hugo, he's been using this deck in challenges to stack up some grand challenge wins. This deck doesn't look like it would work at first glance however I think that is why this deck is so strong because the opponent will never know what you're playing until it's too late. One thing I really love about this deck is it's ability to counter push like Hugo does in the first match of the video. On defence you have the recruits and the hunter, always play the hunter behind another unit to help keep alive, you can even play the miner to tank damage from support cards if you need to. Hunter can be used against balloon, hound, golem, giant, hog rider etc. You might also need to use the wall breakers to apply opposite lane pressure and force the opponent to invest elixir in defending rather than on offence. Try to have the miner, an elite barbarian or a recruit tanking tower damage.

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Miner is a very versatile card, though his main role in this deck is to tank damage on offence for the wall breakers, spear goblins, recruits or e-barbs, he can also be used to snipe ranged units like princess or dart goblin if your log is out of cycle. He can also be used to counter magic archer, elixir pump or a musketeer.

Wall Breakers

As i mentioned above these guys are a great way to apply offensive pressure throughout the match and can be used in either lane. If your opponent plays their small spell then use these guys to try and punish them. I like to use them to help cycle back to the cards in need.

Elite Barbarians

Because this card was recently buffed it's use rates have sky rocketed, you shouldn't be too aggressive with this card unless you have a good elixir advantage or the opponent has just played a heavy tank behind their towers. You can split this card if you have your recruits heading down both lanes.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you can either use the spear goblins, miner or split the wall breakers in the middle near the bridge. You will mainly be looking to apply light counter push pressure and slowly chip away at the opponents towers. You can keep cycling the wall breakers throughout single elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir try to pressure both lanes and focus on chipping away at the opponents towers. You can use the log to support your pushes if you don't need it on defence. Keep switching up your miner placements too. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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