Ash posted 2 years ago

This deck is like cheating, it's perfect for getting plenty of three crown wins. The number one rule with this deck is to be comfortable taking tower damage and saving your elixir to invest on your offensive pushes. Check out today's video to see how the pro uses this deck in different match ups. He will often use the golem on defence to kite or distract the opponents offensive units, then he will use the correct support cards ( depending on the match-up) to help support and counter push behind the golem. His main defensive units are the skarmy and execution, if he can't fully defend a push he will ensure he isn't three crowned but will be investing all his elixir on offence to try and beat the opponent.

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Use the golem to tank damage for the rest of your units throughout the match, cloning him will get double death damage on the opponents units and also their towers. You can play the golem when the opponent wastes elixir or plays a unit that you can ignore or easily defend.


Clone is the secret weapon of this deck and you should aim to clone as many units as possible to get maximum value from your elixir. I recommend saving this card until double elixir when you can stack up as many units as possible to clone.


You can see from today's replays how aggressive today's pro player is when using this card, he will often use it as his starting play, especially if you opponent cycles an air targeting troop in the back. Using this card on offence can force the opponent to play defence and it also allows you to chip away at their units and towers with the balloons death damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait for the opponent to make the first play, if you have to wait until double elixir then this will benefit you because of how heavy this deck is. Remember don't over defend, it's better to try and kite units into the opposite lane with the golem and take a small amount of tower damage.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time this deck shines, keep up the pressure with the balloon even if you can't build up a huge push. Try to take all rocket value you can and remember you can easily kite units with your golem. Good luck with this deck, I think it's fairly straight forward to play once you learn to take tower damage and invest your elixir on offence.

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