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Graveyard has long been considered a fairly high win condition, however with this deck you have the elite barbarians and the royal recruits which are easy to play. This deck also has the over powered defensive units, hunter, fisherman and snowball. You should play this deck more aggressive than you general splash yard deck, try to go in with the graveyard on a counter push. You have so many units in the deck that can be split to allow you to apply dual lane pressure, this works well against opponents with splash units like valkyrie, bomb tower or mega knight. Usually in graveyard decks you have a weak air defence however with this deck you have the hunter, skeleton dragons and the snowball which can be used to knock back units like balloon, flying machine or it can even kills bats.

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Generally you should also have a unit tanking tower damage for the graveyard. Usually you will use the recruits however if the opponent is down elixir you can pair your graveyard pushes with the elite barbarians or the skeleton dragons. Check out the video to see the most optimal graveyard placements for your offensive pushes. Snowball and poison can both be used to support the graveyard however you should only use them when you know you can make a positive or equal elixir trade in single elixir, for example using snowball to kill bats, skeleton army or poison against minion horde.


Hunter is one of the strongest defensive units in the game because of his unique shotgun ability which makes him great at defending against heavy tanks and his splash ability means he can help shut down swarm cards too. You can combine this card with fisherman who will pull units closer to him allowing the hunter to deal more damage. Try to use the fisherman or a recruit to tank damage for the hunter.

Royal Recruits

Although recruits cost seven elixir you can cycle them at reset points throughout the match to help support your towers on defence and to also provide you with a counter push. Because these units have to be split it allows you to wait until the last second before choosing which lane to pressure or even applying dual lane pressure if you have enough elixir. They're a great counter to heaving hitting units like pekka, prince

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting play with this deck is splitting recruits in the back, you can also split skeleton dragons or cycle snowball on their tower. You can also play fisherman in front of your princess tower if you don't have those first three units in cycle. Try to use the fisherman to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity, this is particularly important against hog rider, bridge spam and beat down decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start using your spells more aggressively to support your graveyard. Try to keep chipping away at the opponents towers while making positive elixir trades on defence and then going in with a strong counter push. You can spell cycle if you're struggling to break through their defence providing the opponents towers are below 1000HP. Good luck with this deck everyone!!

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