Ash posted 6 months ago

This deck guide is for all you OG players out there who will have seen this deck a few years ago when everyone was playing giant double prince. This season it's back stronger than ever is the easiest deck to play in the game in my opinion. Today's pro is playing this deck live in the top 5 in the entire world!!! I think this deck is very straight forward, the giant is your tank, the two princes both have different roles on defence and the mega minion and minions provide you with air defence. The triple spell combo allows you to easily handle bait decks and they can also be used to help support the rest of your troops on offence Try to utilise the stun mechanic on the zap and knock back ability of the fireball when you get the opportunity.

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As I mentioned above giant is your main tank and should be used to soak up damage for the rest of your units on offence. You can use this card to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your towers, if you cycle a prince in the back an the opponent tries to pressure opposite lane you can try to kite their cards with this guy.

Dark Prince

Dark prince is a good defensive tool to use against graveyard and bait archetypes. Try to use this guy to support the giant whenever possible, you should aim to support the giant enough to kill the opponents defensive troops. His shield mechanic can be used to tank a hit from a pekka, sparky or another prince, this means in some situations you should use this card to tank for the giant.


Prince is an op card, you can utilise his charge ability and high hp to apply pressure, unsupported, in a lane. He is your main tank killer and he has great synergy with the dark prince because one deals splash and the other has a high DPS.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game wait 10-15 seconds for the opponent to make the first play, if they don't you can play a dark prince, prince or giant in the back or you can also cycle your zap. Try to save your air units until you know what deck the opponent is playing. In single elixir your main aim is to build an offensive push through a counter push. Use your spells yo help make positive elixir trades.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can focus on building a push and you can start using your spells to support your units. Be careful not to over defend and leave yourself at an elixir disadvantage. Good luck with this deck everyone, it;s so easy even a noob like me can have success with it!

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