Ash posted 2 years ago

Today we have B-Mastar on the channel who is sharing his favourite golem beat down deck which has the newly buffed bomber which honestly makes this deck very strong! One thing I've noticed from watching today's pro player is how aggressive he will use this deck, he is happy to take some tower damage in order to be able to play more support cards behind the golem. Sometimes you will need to play some light defence to stop the opponent three crowning you or to force your their small spells. Try to have the night witch behind the golem, she is the best support card for him because of the bats she keeps spawning. The rest of your support cards will depend on the match up, you might need bomber if the opponent has swarm cards like barbarians or skarmy, or you might rely on the mini pekka against decks with hunter, valkyrie etc.

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Golem is your heavy tank and should be used aggressively throughout the match, you can either play this card in the back when you know you have an elixir advantage or you can use this guy to kite the opponents units away from your princess towers. He can also tank damage on defence, this works well against full unit units like musketeer, wizard and so on.

Mega Minion

Mega minion is you main defensive unit against air units like balloon, hound, flying machine. But it can also be used to stop ground units as well supporting the golem on offence. At only three elixir you can cycle this card throughout the match providing you don't have to rely on him for defence.


Bomber is very strong right now and he can be used on both defence and offence to hep you make positive elixir trades as well helping keep your other units alive for as long as possible. He's a great counter to graveyard, goblins and can help shut down the opponents support cards.

Early Stage Gameplan

This is a beat-down deck but you should play this deck aggressively, even in single elixir so don't be afraid to make the starting play. You can start out with mega minion, bomber or the witch. If your opponent wastes elixir by cycling a unit that won't deal and sever tower damage then you can play your golem, for example playing minions, splitting skarmy etc. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower, this works well against hog rider, balloon and is also important against graveyard, bait and miner decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can ramp up the offensive pressure and try to three crown your opponent to end the match early. Try to use the best support cards for the golem, match-up dependant, and have your spells ready to keep your units alive as long as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone! Please let me know how you get on with this deck and thank-you to everyone who uses creator code 'cwa' in all super-cell shops.

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