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Today'a guest is DavideRoonet and he's been using this deck inside Grand Challenges to wrack up some easy wins! He started using this deck a few weeks ago and has found it works great against royal giant, bait, bridge spam and even graveyard decks. The #1 rule when using this deck is to bait out the opponents tank killer card, for example forcing the opponent to use hunter, inferno tower or inferno dragon against your giant means you can then pressure with the balloon. Against decks without a big spell you can stack up your push in one lane to punish the opponent. If the opponent has a big spell then you will need to apply dual lane pressure to avoid giving your opponent too much spell value. You need to play this deck like a beat down archetype in some situations, for example ignoring or lightly defending a lane in order to invest more elixir on offence, this is called using your towers HP as a resource.

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We don't often see this gentle giant in the meta anymore. He is a safe play to make throughout the match when you don't have a good play to make, for example playing him behind your king tower at a reset point or in the same lane as a spawner card. His boulder means he's great for hitting support cards behind a tank and you should also utilise his high HP to your advantage on a counter push.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini pekka is a very versatile card and is capable of supporting or leading a counter push for the balloon. She's also great on defence because she can be used as a tank killer or she also works well against bridge spam units too. If your opponent has a heavy air deck you can use this card more aggressively to apply more pressure.


Balloon is your main win condition and can be used throughout the match to play defence through offence. In most situations you should bait out the opponents key counters before applying pressure with this card, remember this card also deals death damage which can be useful in chipping away at their towers or damaging their counter push troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

For staring plays try to save your minions and electro wizard until you know what deck the opponent is playing. You can start out with balloon, bowler etc.Learn what deck the opponent is playing and use your fisherman to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity, this is important against hog rider, giant and other beat down decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir you can ramp up the pressure, remember if the opponent has a big spell you will need to apply dual lane pressure. Try to support your units as much as possible and save your arrows until the last possible second to try and get as much spell value as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone!!

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