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Today we have BlackPearl on the channel who was recently ranked #1 in the world using this off-meta deck. I love this deck because it has the zappies which you rarely see on top ladder. With this deck you should mainly focus on defending and then building a good counter push. Try to gain an elixir advantage which you can then use against your opponent. The hunter and fisher man is one of my favourite defensive combos in the game, you can also use the barb barrel or heal spirit to help keep the hunter alive. You should play the fisherman and the hunter close together, this will allow the fisherman to pull units closer to the hunter which will result in a higher DPS.

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Giant Skeleton

This guy is a heavy tank and his death damage can be taken advantage of with your royal giant, if you counter push behind this guy then his death bomb will kill the opponents defensive units which will allow the royal giant to get more damage.


Hunter will be your main defensive unit against most match-ups, try to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible. If your against an air deck you will need to try to save this card for their win condition because you only have this card and the zappies for defence against air units unless you use your giant skeleton or royal giant to kite /distract other units.


Earthquake is a great counter to buildings, this can be used to your advantage if you have a royal giant down because it will help him lock onto the tower quicker. Remember this card also has a slow effect too, it can be used against graveyard on defence if you don't have another good counter in cycle. Against x-bow or mortar match-ups I try to earthquake every time they play their win condition.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game focus on defending while learning what deck the opponent is playing, you can apply light counter push pressure. For starting plays you can use the heal spirit, split the zappies or even play fisherman in front of your king tower. Try to use the fisherman to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity, this works best against hog rider, ram rider, giant, golem and also splash cards like mega knight or dark prince.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can ramp up the offensive pressure and force the opponent ti play defend. With this deck you can easily apply dual lane pressure if you have a decent counter push in one lane. You can start to use the earthquake to support your units and remember to try and get value from your cycle cards whenever possible. Good luck with this deck, I a huge fan of any off-meta deck so try out it out!

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