Ash posted 3 years ago

Today we welcome Capgun back on the channel and today he is sharing this OP miner wall breaker deck which a lot of pro players are using right now, You have two win conditions inside this deck that can be used to keep up the pressure throughout the match and force the opponent to play defence rather than offence. This deck is incredibly strong on defence with the hunter, knight and bomb tower which can help defend almost any push in the game. Even against 2.9 x-bow you have the earthquake and bomb tower to counter their win condition while you can rely on the knight or miner to tank damage and then counter push with the wall breakers. You also have the ability to split lane push when using this deck because the archers, wall breakers can both be split and you have two mini tanks which can be used in either lane. Against graveyard decks you will mainly rely on the bomb tower to counter the graveyard but it's important to keep up the pressure with miner and wall breakers and switch lanes if you need too.

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Knight in my opinion is one of the best cards in the game right now and is also free to play friendly. You can use him as a mini tank for the wall breakers, archers or the hunter. Try to counter push with him if you get the opportunity, you can also use him on defence to help take out mega knights, pekka, prince etc.


Hunter will be your main defensive unit against heavy tanks and also units like balloon, hog rider etc. He can also be used against swarm cards on defence too. Try to keep this guy alive as ling as possible and don't give your opponent spell value by playing him close to your princess towers or other troops.

Bomb Tower

Use the bomb tower to help kite bridge spam units or even tanks into the centre of the arena to buy you more time to shut down their push. You can play this card in the same lane as the graveyard or royal hogs to get more value from this card due to his death damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

For starting plays you can play the wall breakers, miner, knight or even split this archers. You need to keep up the pressure in single elixir and try to get as much chip damage as possible while making positive elixir trades on defence. Only use your spells against buildings in single elixir and try to learn what deck the opponent is playing so you know what to expect in double elixir,

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can start using the spells to support your troops and even making prediction placements if you know your opponents card cycle. Try to build up a good counter push and keep your ranged units alive as long as possible. Remember you can easily apply dual lane pressure if you need to. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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