Ash posted 2 years ago

Today I'm sharing this super fast triple spirit cycle deck that Oyassuu is using live on ladder in today's video. With this deck the best defence is definitely a good offence, you can easily cycle through this deck to keep up the pressure with the hog rider and force the opponent to play defence. You should also use your one elixir cycle cards to help support your hog rider as well as make positive elixir trades on defence. For air defence you have the bats, electro spirit and the ice spirit you can also use the ice golem or hog rider to kite or distract their units. Against graveyard try to stop their tank at the bridge, you can do this with your hog rider or the ice golem while you use bats, skeletons or electro spirit to counter the graveyard. If you're against another cycle deck then you have the advantage because you can easily out cycle their main defensive units. This deck is by no means easy to play, but I assure you mastering a deck like this will definitely improve your overall game play and help you understand micro card interactions.

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Hog Rider

Hog rider is you main win condition and while you should keep up the pressure with this guy throughout the match you also need to support him with your ice golem or the spirits when you get the opportunity. Heal spirit or ice spirit are my favourite hog support card.

Ice Golem

Ice golem is very versatile card and can also offer a lot of value for only two elixir. He's is best used a glass tank or either the bats, princess towers or the hog rider on offence. You can also use this card to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your towers, this works well against prince, pekka, mega knight or baby dragon.


You can either choose to save the mirror to surprise the opponent or you can use it to keep up the pressure. The best cards to clone are the ice golem, hog rider or the heal spirit. If the opponent has a couple of hog counters you can use the mirror once their counter is out of cycle while cycling through this deck!

Early Stage Gameplan

You have lots of options or starting plays with this deck, the only cards I would't play are the bats and ice golem. Try to control the tempo of the match and go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage. Try to make positive elixir trades on defence and then apply pressure with the hog, remember you can also use the hog rider to pressure the opponent t stop them investing all their elixir on offence but you won't be able to fully support the hog.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you need to be careful not to over commit, a lot of people will simply throw a hog rider down at every opportunity but you should focus on trying to out cycle the opponents counters while defending for a little elixir as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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