Ash posted 3 years ago

Today we have Sweep back on the channel sharing this deck that has the community raging because of how broken it is.... With this deck you should try and bait out the opponents spell, if they spell your huts you can apply pressure with the mother witch on the counter push, if they spell your mother witch you can easily stack up more units. Make sure you space out you huts to avoid giving your opponent to much spell value. For air defence with this deck you will mainly rely on the mega minion and mother witch, however the fire spirits and the spear goblins ( from the hut and the goblin giant) can both be used to help counter air cards. The prince will be your main tank killer, try to utilise his charge mechanic when you get the opportunity. If your against a heavy air deck to use this card more aggressively throughout the match.

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Mother Witch

This card work extremely well against cards like bats, skeleton etc, try to protect her and keep her alive as long as possible, shes a support card that has the potential to offer you a strong counter push due to her unique ability. Try to play this card towards the front of the princess tower, this will help you get maximum value from her on offence.

Goblin Giant

This card is strong right now because of the high use rates of bats in this meta, he is your main tank and should be used to help keep your mother witch alive as well as tank tower damage for your spawners. He can also be used to counter a graveyard and also works well against an x-bow, because he is a ground unit he can also be used to kite units into the opposite lane and away from your towers, this works well against baby dragon, pekka, mega knight, ghost etc.


Lightening is a heavy spell that can help yoy make positive elixir trades, I prefer to use this card to support my troops on offence because if you use it on defence then you have no counter push potential. It's stun mechanic can also be used to reset charging units like sparky, inferno dragon etc. You should also try to get tower damage when using this while making a positive elixir trade against their troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game keep stacking up huts to keep applying the pressure and potentially force a spell like fireball from your opponents card cycle. Remember to try and manufacture an elixir advantage which you can use against your opponent on a counter push. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and try to bait out their main counter to your offensive troops.

Late Stage Gameplan

Remember the main role of this deck is to overwhelm the opponent with the huts and mother witch, the rest of your cards can be used to help protect and support these cards. You can use your spells more aggressively. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see how sweep uses this deck live on ladder.

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