Ash posted 1 year ago

In this video we have cheesecake who is sharing this FREE TO PLAY FRIENDLY DECK that has two win conditions and also has a fast cycle at only three elixir. This deck also has a some of the strongest defensive units in the game and is capable of handling almost any push. Try to bait out small spells like log, barb barrel or snowball by using the skeleton barrel on offence and then immediately going offensive with the hogs if you can bait out the spell. On defence the firecracker and royal delivery can be used to make positive elixir trades, while your cycle cards can help you get back to the units you need on defence. The skeletons can also be used to tank hits from cards like sparky, prince, pekka and so on. This is a fairly high skill deck however I find very fun to play because it is a slightly off meta and also free to play friendly deck.

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Royal Hogs

These guys are one of your two win conditions inside this deck, if your opponent has bomb tower, mega knight or valkyrie try to bait the opponent before playing these guys, Against decks with multiple counters you will most likely need to apply dual lane pressure unless your opponent makes a mistake.


For only three elixir you can used this card to support the hogs on offence because of its ability to slow defensive units. It's also a strong counter to x-bow and other defensive buildings. This card can also be used against a graveyard if your firecracker or bats are out of cycle.

Goblin Cage

Goblin barrel should mainly be used to kite or distract units and help keep your princess towers alive as long as possible. You can use the brawler as a tank on the counter push, he's a fast moving unit that can be difficult to defend. Never start out the match with this card because if the opponent has sparky you are likely to lose the match.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting play with this deck is simply cycle the earthquake on the opponents tower, you can also play skeleton barrel at the bridge or even the hogs if you have them in cycle. If you don't have any of those three units in cycle you can cycle bats or skeletons. Try to learn what deck the opponent is playing and protect your firecracker to keep her alive as long as possible.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir or over time it's important not to give your opponent any form of spell value, you should try to stack up your fire crackers while aiming to bait out the opponents counters to your skeleton barrel and the hogs. Keep cycling the skeleton barrel every time you have it in hand, you can use it to play defence through offence too. You can begin to spell cycle towards the end of the match if the opponents towers are below 1000hp. Goodluck everyone and thank-you if you support me by using creator code cwa!

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