Ash posted 1 year ago

Today I have 'Major ebarbgod' on my channel sharing this low skill cap deck that is great fun to play and works well at beating better players. This deck is incredibly strong on defence because of the executioner, mini pekka and elite barbarians. You can use the hog rider to counter push behind your surviving units or to apply opposite lane pressure to force your opponent to play elixir on defence. For air defence you will have to rely on the executioner or minions to counter units like balloon, lava hound etc and you can use ice golem to kite or tank damage from baby dragons, flying machine etc. You can also apply dual lane pressure when you know your opponent is low on elixir or they don't have a good counter in cycle, the elite barbs or hog rider can both be played at the bridge and you should have your zap or freeze ready to support them.

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Freeze can be used throughout the match to support your offensive units, its main role on offence to the help you take a tower by freezing the opponents towers and also their defensive troops. On defence you might need to use this card to help slow down a huge push, it has good synergy with executioner on defence and when paired with zap it can kill minions or goblins.

Ice Golem

At only two elixir this card can be used as a cycle card as well as a mini tank for the hog rider, e-barbs or your princess towers on defence. You can also use this card to kite troops into the opposite lane and away from your towers, this works well against pekka, prince, mega knight and can also be used to separate support cards from a tank.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

I find this card so much fun to play because her defensive power is so strong because she can be used to help strong miners, hog rider, ram rider, giants golems etc and she can then be used a mini tank on the counter push. Try to keep her alive by pairing her with zap when possible, this can shut down swarm cards, sparky etc.

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting plays: The best starting play with this deck is the hog rider however you can also cycle the ice golem, mini pekka or zap. Try to save your air units until you know what deck your opponent is playing, you don't want to cycle the minions and then be rushed with a balloon in the opposite lane. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and punish them if you get the opportunity, focus on making positive elixir trades on defence which you can then use on offence.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start using the freeze more aggressively as well as applying dual lane pressure if you get the opportunity. Keep cycling the hog rider to keep up the pressure, check out the video to see how todays pro uses this deck live on ladder and if you stick around you'll also get the see how easy this deck is to play when I use it live on ladder!!

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