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Today we have one the mist requested pro players on the channel who is sharing this off-meta dual win condition deck that has a high win rate and is been used by pro players on top level ladder. What I love about this deck is its ability to keep up the pressure throughout the match and switch your main offensive cards depending on the match-up. You can also try to bait out cards that can be used to counter your balloon and graveyard, for example hunter, ice wizard, bomb tower can all be used to counter both win conditions. On defence you can rely on the pekka to help counter tanks while the dark prince and bomber work great against support cards. The dark prince's shield mechanic can be used to tank hits from pekkas, prince, sparky etc. Against air units you will mainly rely on the electro wizard and arrows, however you can use your pekka or dark prince to kite units.

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Graveyard is one of two win conditions inside this deck and to get maximum value from this card you should have a unit tanking tower damage to allow more skeletons to build up and make it harder for the opponent to defend. Placement is also key with this card, check out the video to see where todays pro places this card on offence. You can support the graveyard with the arrows, bu you should try to get value from playing them, for example using them against a goblin gang, skeleton army, minion, dart goblin or princess will be a good elixir trade.


Balloon is another win condition inside this deck can should be used when you know your opponent doesn't have a good defensive option against air in cycle. You can also pressure with this card to force your opponent to play elixir on defence and prevent them from supporting a push, this works well if the opponent has just played a heavy tank like golem or lava hound.


At only three elixir this card can offer a lot of defensive value and if you have a unit tanking damage on offence he also makes a strong support card. He's a great counter to swarm cards like barbarians, goblins and can also be used to shut down other support cards like witch, musketeer etc. I like to use him to counter bait decks and also other graveyard decks. Try to keep him out of spell range to your other units to avoid giving your opponent good spell value.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game focus on making positive elixir trades and trying to bait out your opponents air counters. Don't play this deck too aggressive in single elixir unless your opponent makes a mistake or you gain a huge elixir lead. For starting plays you can either play dark prince in the back, play bomber or even play the balloon at the bridge. Try to use the tornado to activate your king tower at the earliest opportunity, this is important against hog rider, bait, graveyard and balloon cycle decks.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir and over time you can start trying to build stronger counter pushes while also supporting your pushes more. You can also apply dual lane pressure if your opponent over commit on defence in one lane. Use your spells to support your units can keep them alive as long as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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