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In this video we have Asaf on the channel who is one of the best cycle players in the entire world. At only 2.8 elixir this deck is fairly high skill however even a noob like me managed to go on a six game win streak while practising. When using a cycle deck you need to play aggressive throughout the match and keep trying to bait out spells and then punish the opponent when their spells are out of cycle. The miner and wall breakers are you main offensive units however the spear goblins and bats can also be used on offence if they have a miner or knight tanking tower damage. On defence the bomb tower should be used to kite units into the centre of the arena, you can use bats, knight or spear goblins to help chip away and then try to counter push with these units. Bomb tower is also a good defensive option against x-bow or mortar when placed at the bridge. The two spells in this deck have great synergy and both have a knock back ability which can be utilised to reset certain units throughout the match. When using the spells on offence try to get tower chip damage whenever possible while also hitting their troops.

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Miner is a very versatile card that should be used on defence and offence. When using this card on offence you will looking to get tower chip damage as well as using him as a mini tank for the wall breakers, goblins or bats. Remember to keep playing him in differnt locations on the opponents tower. If you're against a bait deck you might need to use this card to snipe the princess or dart goblin in single elixir to stop the opponent from stacking them.

Spear Goblins

Spear goblins and bats will be your main cards you use to bait out the opponents small spells. They also both target air and should be used to help stop air units with the support of the bomb tower which will be used to kite them. If you need these guys on defence you can play the wall breakers so your opponent uses their spell on offence and keeps the goblins alive longer on defence.

Wall Breakers

The biggest tip I can give you guys for using this deck is to keep cycling this card to keep up the pressure, eventually your opponent will mess up and you will get a tower connection with this card. Their death damage can also kill skeletons and goblins.

Early Stage Gameplan

You have lots of options for starting plays with this deck however the top three are wall breakers split, miner on the tower or spear goblins at the bridge. Try to go into double elixir with a tower damage advantage. When playing defence try to use units that you can counter push with!

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start using your spells more on offence to help chip away at the opponents towers as well as supporting your troops. It is a very fast paced deck so practise with your clan mates first before using this deck on ladder. Good luck and don't forget to check out the video to see how today's pro stops some huge pushes with this deck!

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