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Today's guest is SOHROB and he's sharing this super fast double barrel bait deck that he's been having a huge success with. The two barrels can be used back to back to try and bait out the opponents small spells as well as keep up the pressure throughout the match. On defence you will mainly rely on the bomb tower with the support of the knight. You should also try to bait out the opponents small spell prior to a defensive sequence so you can use the dart goblin to help shut down their push, especially against air decks. Using your barrels correctly too is key to winning with this deck, using them at the correct time, for example if the opponent plays a tank, will mean you can play defence through offence and prevent the opponent from fully supporting their push. Against graveyard decks you will need to keep switching lanes throughout the match to stop the opponent building a huge push in one lane. Against a golem deck you should kite the golem with the bomb tower and then use the knight and dart goblin to take down their support cards. When cycling the skeletons or electro spirit you should always use them to either support your troops or to help defend a push, the skeletons can also be used to tank hits from a pekka, prince or sparky.

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Dart Goblin

Use the dart goblins range to your advantage by keeping him out of spell range to your other units. He is best used as a support card and I like to protect him and keep him alive as long as possible, this can potentially bait out a spell which then gives you the opportunity to go in with either of the barrels.

Bomb Tower

Bomb tower is your main defensive unit and should be supported with the dart goblin or knight. Use this card to kite the opponents units into the middle of the arena to buy yourself more time to stop their push. If you're against a siege deck you can use this card at the bridge to hit their x-bow or mortar while using the dart goblin to snipe their defensive troops. If the opponent has royal hogs you can play this card same lane to utilise the death damage of this card.

Skeleton Barrel

I love this card because opponents will often play their spell too early which can result in the loss of a tower. Keep up the pressure with this card and remember to play defence through offence, especially with this card. The death damage can also take out bats and kill minions with the support of the electro spirit.

Early Stage Gameplan

Starting plays: You can either use skeleton barrel, goblin barrel or cycle either of your one elixir units. Learn what deck the opponent is using and try to bait out their log with one of the barrels and then punish them with the other. Make positive elixir trades on defence whenever possible and try to build up a counter push with your surviving units.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can ramp up offensive pressure by applying dual lane pressure and using the knight or electo spirit to tank tower damage. Keep using the log to support your units. Good luck with this deck everyone, check out the video to see how the pro uses this deck live inside the top 100 in the world!

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