Ash posted 1 year ago

Today we have the one and only Anaban on the channel sharing his OG deck that he seems to have huge success with no matter what balance changes supercell throw at us. This deck has some strong cards however you need to be passive and wait for the right opportunity to be aggressive. This deck has plenty of air defence and it can also handle heavy decks like golem, giant beat down etc. The real defence comes from the ice wizard, baby dragon and tornado. The lumberjack, pekka and baby dragon can all act as a meat shield for the balloon on offence however you should aim to play the balloon into the lumberjacks rage spell to make it harder for the opponent to defend.

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Freeze can be used to support your lumberjack, keeping him alive longer can allow his rage spell to dropped in the correct spot for you to use a balloon at the bridge, like Anaban does at 3:20 in todays video, The freeze also deals damage, this can be used to kill bats, skeletons or low HP support cards. Don't forget you can also use this card along side the balloon if the opponent uses their air defence to defend the balloon but this should only be done towards the end of the match.

Ice Wizard

Ice wizard should mainly be used on defence, it has great synergy with the tornado. He can also be used to counter a graveyard and is capable of stopping minions, goblins etc. You can also use this card to support your pekka, lumberjack and the balloon.


The balloon is your main win condition, in most matches you should wait for a good counter push opportunity where you can play this card behind a tank or into the lumberjacks rage spell. Try to bait out the opponents air defence or have your freeze ready if you know your opponent is low on elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir play passively and defensive, you shouldn't over commit with this deck, focus on applying light counter push pressure. For starting plays you can cycle zap if you have it in cycle. Try to activate your king tower by using the tornado at the earliest opportunity, this can help you out on defence throughout the rest of the match and aid you in making positive elixir trades.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you should try to build up a strong counter push, you can also cycle the balloon in the back like Anaban does throughout the video, This will force the opponent to use their air defence and hopefully you'll be able to cycle back to a second balloon in time. If your opponent throws all their elixir in one lane to defend a counter push you can try playing lumberjack balloon in the opposite lane and have your freeze ready to play. Good luck with this deck everyone and thank-you to everyone who supports me by using creator code CWA in all supercell shops.

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