Ash posted 1 year ago

Today we have Eternity on the channel this HEAVY Golem beat down deck that is probably the easiest deck to use right now and is perfect for getting those three crown victories! At 4.3 elixir you be doing most of your tower damage in double elixir. Just like all beat down decks you might need to take tower damage in order to be able to invest more elixir on offence to try and three crown your opponent. The ideal push with this deck is a golem supported by night witch and baby dragon heading into a rage spell from the lumber jack, this push is incredibly hard to defend and is almost guaranteed to take a tower. On defence you should mainly rely on the mega minion, tornado and barb barrel when possible. If you play your other units then you can try to apply light counter push pressure with them. Lightening is the heavy spell that can be used to help defend a solo balloon and also take out support cards behind a tank. Its stun mechanic means it can reset an inferno tower, inferno dragon, sparky or a charging prince.

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Everyone knows golem is a large tank that can act as a meat shield to allow you to build up a big push to try and overwhelm the opponents towers. The death damage can kill minions, goblins, bats and skeletons. You can use the tornado to pull units into the death damage radius. He can also be used to kite units into the opposite lane and provide you with a counter push, this works best against pekka or a mega knight.

Night Witch

Night witch is the best support card for the golem in the game. When starting a push if you play her first behind you tower she will be able to spawn more bats and this also gives you more elixir to use if the opponent tries to rush the opposite lane.


Try to build a push behind a lumberjack to take advantage of his rage spell. This card is a good defensive counter to graveyard, hog rider, barrel and can also take out support cards. You can also cycle this card at reset points throughout the match, it can be used as a bridge spam unit if you quickly need to apply opposite lane pressure.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out by cycling the barb barrel if you have him in cycle. You can also use the golem behind your king tower if the opponent plays a medium cost unit behind their towers. Playing the golem will force them to invest elixir on defence rather than supporting their push. You should also use the tornado to activate your king tower, this is important against bait, graveyard, hog rider, balloon etc. However your main aim is to survive until double elixir when you'll be able to build bigger pushes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time you'll have a stronger match-up advantage and will be able to build up a bigger push to try and overwhelm the opponent. Use the golem more aggressively by playing him in front of your towers or at the bridge before your counter push units cross. You can start to use the spells to support your pushes too. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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