Ash posted 3 years ago

I waited almost all of 2020 before I decided to share this deck with you guys, today guest is Rosen who is using this deck live inside a grand challenge. This deck has high win rates and is off-meta which means your opponent won't know what to expect. You can easily apply dual lane pressure with this deck by playing a bandit and lumberjack in one lane will pressuring the other lane with a sparky or electro giant. On defence you lots of options to use which all provide you with a counter push opportunity. The two spells have great synergy and they both have a knock back affect which can be utilised throughout the match. The spells should also be used to support your offensive troops, especially in double or triple elixir as well as getting tower chip damage. Against lava hound decks you need to use the electro giant at the bridge because he will deal with the support cards behind the hound.

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Sparky blasts fear into the heart of any opponent, even if the opponent has multiple counters to this card you can still win by splitting your damage and applying dual lane pressure. You can start a push by playing this card behind your towers, the only time you shouldn't is if the opponent has rocket.


Try to utilise the lumberjacks rage spell to your advantage by playing units just as he dies. His speed makes him a great counter to other ground units and can be used to defend against graveyard, hog rider etc. Playing him behind an electro giant will make it hard for your opponents to defend and if this guy locks onto the opponents tower then he's going to deal a ton of damage.

Early Stage Gameplan

Rosen will use this deck aggressively even in single elixir, he will use sparky as his starting play or will even cycle a bandit at the bridge. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and keep up the pressure with the bandit, lumberjack and sparky. Try to protect your musketeer to keep her alive so she can support your other units and potentially force your opponent to play a spell.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can ramp up the offensive pressure and start using your spells to support your offensive units. Keep split lane pushing if your struggling to break through their defence and you can also spell cycle once their towers reach approx 1000HP. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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