Ash posted 2 years ago

Today we have the fellow content creator Jake aka TAG on the channel sharing this 'meme' deck that he's actually been having a huge success with. This is a off meta deck which will make it hard the or the opponent to work out what deck you're actually playing. You can use the hut and zappies to bait out spells which could be used to counter your witch or graveyard. The freeze is one of my favourite secret weapons in the game and its a great support card for the graveyard when the opponent is low on elixir or if they're just used their last counter. The main cards you should be mirroring are witch or goblin hut however this is match up dependant. For example against bait you might need to mirror the barb barrel or against bridge spam zappies. This deck is designed to slowly chip away at the opponents towers until double elixir when you can execute a big graveyard freeze push.

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Graveyard is the main win condition inside this deck and you should focus on building counter pushes to help support and tank damage for the spawning skeletons. For the most optimal graveyard placement don't forget to check out the video to see what tiles tag places this card on. If your opponent is playing an elixir collector and they play it behind their princess tower you can pressure same lane with barb barrel or knight as a tank to prevent them gaining as much elixir.


Witch is a good defensive unit that can be used to take out tanks due to her skeletons and can also be used against air units. Try to keep her alive by protecting her with the knight or barb barrel, this can potentially force the opponent to play a spell like poison which could be used to counter your graveyard. Try not to give your opponent spell value when placing her, you can use her behind your towers when starting a push.


For only three elixir this card can be used to cycle through the deck and he can be used as a mini tank for the witch or graveyard. You can also use him to catch miners or to distract a mega knight or pekka. Use him to help make positive elixir trades on defence and try to have him leading your counter push troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

The best starting play with this deck is a goblin hut played in the centre or you can also start out by splitting zappies or cycling the barb barrel. Try to chip away at the opponents towers while learning what deck they're using, don't over commit in single elixir and only use the freeze if you have a good elixir advantage or you need it on defence. Keep trying to stack up the goblin huts to keep up constant pressure on the opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start supporting your counter pushes more. This deck can be used to split lane push and then the graveyard can be used in the lane where the opponent tries to defend with the least amount of elixir. Remember to use the goblin hut as well as protect the witch and you won't go far wrong with this deck. Good luck everyone!

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