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Today we welcome the highly requested guest Anoymous on the channel who is sharing this bait deck that is perfect for making your opponents rage quit because of its ability to control the tempo of the match. One of the best things about this deck in my opinion is its ability to apply dual lane pressure while using the inferno tower and skeleton army to help defend the opponents push. The furnace is great of baiting out spells and it can also keep up the pressure in one lane. Use the mirror and furnace combo to really apply pressure and slowly chip away at the opponent towers. Remember to try and avoid giving your opponent any form of spell value, make sure you space out your units to help avoid giving your opponent a positive elixir trade. For air defence with this deck you have the inferno tower, fire spirits from the furnace and also the fireball. If you are up against a lava hound or balloon cycle deck then you will need to use the inferno tower on defence while applying pressure with the goblin barrel and mirror combination. Both the fireball and log have a knock back ability which can be utilised on defence to help slow down the opponents win condition. Try to make positive elixir trades with your spells, especially if you can get tower chip damage as well.

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The best thing about this card is the surprise element you can get against the opponent during the early stages in the game. The main cards you will should mirror are the goblin barrel at the beginning of the match, furnace throughout the match and the fireball towards the end if you need to spell cycle. You can also mirror the inferno tower against a big golem push.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin barrel is the main win condition inside this deck and you should keep up the pressure with this card, remember you can play defence through offence by playing this card in the opposite lane to force the opponent to play elixir on defence rather than offence. If the opponent has barbarian barrel instead of log you can play this card off to the side to make it harder for the opponent to defend. You can also play trick barrels by playing this card in the back of the opponents towers if the opponent is low on elixir.

The Log

At only two elixir this card can be used to help you cycle through the deck to get back to the cards you require quicker. You will rely on this card to defence against skeleton barrel, goblin barrel, princess and it can also be used to help chip away at support cards behind a heavy tank.

Early Stage Gameplan

During the early stages of the game you can often get a significant amount of damage by mirroring the goblin barrel if you can successfully bait out the opponents small spell. Try to assess what deck you opponent is using and try to come up with a game plan to beat the opponent. You're very unlikely to win a match in single elixir with this deck to be patient and keep chipping away at the opponents towers throughout the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Once you hit double elixir you can start increasing the pressure by using your bait cards and furnace as much as you can. Don't allow the opponent to build up a big push, you can do this by counter pushing in the opposite lane and using your spells to shut down support cards. You can finish a match by spell cycling if you're struggling to break through the opponents defence. Good luck with this deck everyone don't forget to check out the video to see how today's pro handles this deck on top ladder! Good luck everyone.

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