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Today we have Trainer Rain on the channel for the first time sharing this off-meta defensive deck that he has used to reach the top 20 in the world! This is a beatdown deck archetype that is also incredibly strong on defence. You should play this deck passively and react to what the opponent does. Your main tower damage will come from counter pushing. Play defence and try to take as little tower damage as possible throughout the match, then in double or triple elixir you can start to focus on building a strong counter push and using your spells to help support your troops. The ice wizard and tornado combo is one of the strongest defensive combos in the game, you can also use the goblin hut to kite units like golem, giant, balloon or hog rider into the centre of the arena.

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Electro Giant

This guy is your tank and should be used as a meat shield for the rest of your units, don't place him at the bridge unless you have a strong counter push or your opponent places a lava hound behind their towers. His stun mechanic works great at slowing the opponents defences and allows your troops more time to break through their defence.


The bowler is a good defensive unit that can be utilised to set up a strong counter push. Playing him against spawner units allows you to build an elixir advantage while defending. His knock back ability can be useful against hog riders and it can also be used to reset units that are locked onto your tower, for example a musketeer or miner.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno dragon will be your main defensive unit against the opponents tanks and it also works well against balloons. If your opponent lacks air defence or you know you won't need their card for defence you can use this card more offensively to apply that extra pressure.

Early Stage Gameplan

I recommend never making the starting play with this deck due to how expensive most of the cards are in this deck. If you are forced to make the first play then cycling barb barrel or you can place an electro giant at the bridge if the opponent plays a lava hound behind their towers. Try to activate your king tower by using the tornado at the earliest opportunity, this is particularly important against bait, graveyard, hog rider or miner decks. Learn what deck the opponent is playing and only apply light counter push pressure, if you go too aggressive you are more likely to lose the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir or triple elixir is when this deck is at its strongest . Try to build a strong counter push to overwhelm the opponent and break through their defence. Check out the video to see how Trainer Rain uses this deck and to pick up some great tips as he coaches me live towards the end of the video.

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